dApp Walkthrough

This is a quick guide on basic usage of Push dApp
Push Protocol is an open yet secure network which means that notifications or chat are not gated and can be received on any frontend or crypto wallet that has integrated Push.
This guide however shows you walkthrough of the Push dApp.
You can receive notifications on various platforms that include Push dApp, chrome extensions and Push Mobile App. But first, you need to Opt-In to a channel.

Opt-In to a channel

Opting-In means subscribing to a channel to receive notifications on dApp. For Opting-In simply go to Push dApp . Once you are there, head over to Channels section. In this section, you can see all the channels that are created on our dApp.
On the right-hand side of every channel, you can see an Opt-In button.
  • Click on Opt-In Button.
  • A metamask or your preferred crypto wallet shall pop up for you to confirm the action. Simply, Sign the transaction.
Henceforth, You will receive all the notifications that this channel will send 🥳.
Note: Opting-In to a channel is a completely off-chain process and it doesn't require any gas fees from you. All you need to do is simply sign the opt-in transaction.
Since there are quite a few channels on the PUSH dApp, you might not see your favourite channel at the very first glance.
In this case, you can easily use our Channel search bar and search for the specific channel by name or address.
Once the channel appears on top, you can easily subscribe to the channel by following the easy steps mentioned above.

How to view Received Notifications

The Inbox section on the Push dApp displays all the notifications you will receive from various channels you have Opted-In. This section is distributed into two parts:
  • Inbox
  • Spam


The Inbox option contains all the notifications sent to your wallet address by all the channels you have subscribed/opted-in to.

Spam Box

The Spam box plays a very important and interesting role. Services to which you have not opted-in to receive notifications can still send notifications to your wallet address if at some point you have used their dapps.
If a user has NOT opted-in to receiving these notifications they will land in the SPAM box. Seeing these notifications will bring users the opportunity to decide if these notifications are meaningful for them, and from here opt-in to the channel to start receiving notifications

Filtering Notifications

The more you start opting into various channels, the more notifications you receive.
Hence, Push dApp allows you to filter out the notifications in both inbox as well as Spam.
A user can also search for a particular keyword in the notification they want. Filter Notifications brings users an advanced search functionality based on keywords, dates, channel names, and more.