Mobile Walkthrough

This is a quick guide on basic usage of Push Mobile App
Push Protocol is an open yet secure network which means that notifications or chat are not gated and can be received on any frontend or crypto wallet that has integrated Push.
This guide however shows you walkthrough of the iOS Push Mobile App or Android Push Mobile App.
The very first thing you will notice after opening the Mobile App for the first time on your device is a Welcome! message.
Mobile App - Welcome Screen
Click continue to go to the next step:

Importing your wallet

In this step, the user will enter the wallet address which will be used across the different products and where the user will want notifications to arrive to. (If you need additional information about what's a wallet and how you can obtain one, please visit the Useful resources section at the end of this guide.)
Wallet address can be added by:
  • Wallet Connect (1)
  • Scanning the Wallet Address via QR Code
  • Manually entering the Wallet Address (3)
Note: the advance section will be covered in detail in another guide.
Mobile App - Entering the Wallet Address

Scan via QR Code

In order to use this option the Mobile App requires permissions to take pictures and record video. This is because the App will use the camera to scan a QR code that contains the Wallet address intended to be used.
Once approved the application will start the camera to scan the QR code you are providing.
Mobile App - Scanning a Wallet Address
After scanning the QR code, the wallet is almost ready to start receiving notifications. The final step is to setup a password for the Mobile App. (See screenshot below: "Mobile App - Confirmation Screen")

Entering the Wallet Address Manually

Entering the wallet address manually is in essence identical to entering the wallet address through scanning a QR code. The difference being that the user will copy the wallet address and paste it "manually" in the "Enter Wallet Address" text box.
Mobile App - Entering Wallet manually
After entering the wallet address in the text box, the Verify! option will be enabled. Clicking it will enable the wallet to start receiving notifications.
Mobile App - Confirmation Screen
Clicking the "Reset / Use different Wallet" button will redirect the user to start the process again from the Welcome screen. Clicking on continue will take the user to the final step of the wizard:

Adding additional security to the Mobile App

Next you will be asked to enter a 6-digit passcode to create a secure vault to store your credentials.
This passcode encrypts the user's data and even PUSH can’t recover it. Losing it means re-importing the wallet to access your PUSH notifications.
Enabling Touch ID is an optional feature which improves your security and gives you fast access.
Mobile App - Adding additional security
You will be asked to Re-enter the passcode to verify it matches the one entered before.
And that's the last step of the process! After clicking Continue your passcode will be set and the wizard is complete. Upon Clicking on Complete Setup you will land into the main screen of the PUSH Mobile APP.
Mobile App - Setup wizard last step
Setup part is now complete! , now let's go into the next section to learn more about How do Notifications look in your device.