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How to start using Push Notifications?

This guide is recommended for a web3 user, if you are a developer then head to 👉 Developer Docs
Notifications from Push Protocol are triggered and come from other protocols that are called Channels which are protocols of web3 that have activated themselves on Push protocol.

What are Channels?

Any wallet / protocol who activates themselves as a service on the protocol to send notifications for its users can be considered a Channel.
In other words, any service, i.e., a dApp, protocol, or even a web2 service, that wants to send notifications out to its web3 users can choose to become a channel and establish an adequate communication bridge with its users.

How to start receiving push notifications from the protocols I use (Like Lens)?

Push Protocol requires the user to first opt-in (also known as subscribe) to a protocol (also known as a channel) before they can send a notification to you. Using this pattern prevents spam and ensures you only receive notifications that are valuable to you.
In order to opt-in to a channel, simply use a dApp frontend that supports Push protocol and gasslessly give your consent (opt-in).
Since covering each integration is out of scope, this guide will use Push dApp as an example, Push dApp is your one stop aggregator to list all protocols that have integrated Push and to occasionally chat as well.
  1. 1.
    Start by visiting and logging in with a supported web3 wallet (Metamask works best).
  1. 2.
    Head to the channels section now and you should see a list of all channels that are already live.
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    Once you find the channel you like (can search) or use a direct link as well, for example: Lens Protocol Channel, simple click on the Opt-in button which will trigger a gasless signature request that you can confirm from Metamask or your preferred crypto wallet.
Note: Subscribing to a channel is a completely off-chain process and doesn't require any gas fees from you. All you really need to do is simply sign the opt-in transaction.
And done
, Notifications from the channels you have opted in will start to land everywhere Push is supported! To learn more about the dApp and it's features, checkout 👇