How to start using Push Chat?

This guide is recommended for a web3 user, if you are a developer then head to 👉 Developer Docs


Since Push Protocol started with decentralized notifications, every chat message sent on the protocol has a notification built in. Whenever a message is sent to an address, the receiving address will receive a notification along with the message if they opt-in.
Unlike traditional messengers that require users to provide their information to sign up, like their email, phone number, or any other personal data about the user, Push Chat requires no personal information whatsoever to start messaging on the protocol.
All the user needs is a wallet address. It's important to note that only the addresses involved in the conversation shall be able to decrypt the messages, and anyone can verify that the message was indeed sent by the sender's address and that the messages are encrypted.
Push Protocol is an open yet secure network which means that notifications or chat are not gated and can be received on any frontend or crypto wallet that has integrated Push.
Covering every integration is out of scope, thus, this guide shows you walkthrough of the chat via Push dApp.
Pro-tip: Push Chat can be linked and used just like any web2 chatting app directly from the Push Mobile App (iOS / Android) or any other mobile app that integrates Push Chat as well!

Setting up Push Chat

Push chat is web3 native chat which means that you need a wallet to set it up. Currently, it's EVM compatible but the vision is to enable any web3 chain to communicate between themselves.
Push chat also treats a user of web3 in a chain agnostic fashion meaning that a user can have multiple wallets on multiple chains and yet will be able to talk to other wallets despite the chain from which Push Chat protocol is getting used or from which crypto frontend or wallet.
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    To get started, head to Push dApp and login using any supported web3 wallet
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    Head to chat section and you will be presented with an interface which will look similar to this. Note: you might already have few chat requests from other wallets as Push Chat doesn't require setting up an account unless you start chatting or accept a chat request.
Push Chat is in invite only mode till March 2023, if you want to use it, just join our Discord channel and ping a CM / Admin to get access.
While other users are able to send you chat requests and can optionally send you a message with it. Unless accepted, the push notifications for push chat are not enabled protecting you as a user from spam and only receiving chat with notifications for messages you care about.
Push chat messages are end to end encrypted for all onboarded users. The only exception is chat request messages that are sent to non activated users which are optional as per the wishes of the sender. For all activated / onboarded users, any and all chats are E2EE and you can learn about it in detail here 👉 Push Chat functioning.
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    To begin chatting with a user, you need to accept their incoming chat requests which can be seen on the chat requests tab OR click the + button and enter the wallet address. You can also choose to create group which can token gated, public, private, incentivized, etc if you want to.
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    If this is the first time, you are accepting a request or initiating a chat request, you will be needed to be onboarded / activated on Push Chat which will look similar to the dialog box shared below. This process takes a few seconds as it generates your keys locally, encrypts them and syncs it to Push Nodes.
Push Chat is completely E2EE and secure. No one except you with your wallet keys are able to decrypt, view and reply to those messages. Check out how Push Chat encryption works for more details.
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    Once accepeted, the wallet will be displayed in your Chats tab and you can now chat with them as usual along with getting notifications of those chats as and when they occur and the entire Web3 UX wins!

Glimse of the Future

Push chat has an amazing set of features in development which will be rolled as they progress, some of them include the ability to do facetime video calls to wallets and more! Stay tuned and chatty!