The Game Theory, Incentives & Rules

Quick overview on the game theory, the incentive mechanisms and the rules involved in the PUSH Governance.
PUSH Governance is designed keeping quality participation in mind and as a byproduct carries some incentives and penalties to keep the governance focused, active and be ever improving.
Incentives for users whose formal draft is accepted
  • We believe that having incentives for the users whose draft proposal are accepted will greatly improve the quality of the proposal (and quantity as well 😅) as it’s in the best interest of the user to submit a draft proposal that can go through the entire cycle and be formally accepted.
  • For the same, we will be creating a draft proposal soon to ask the community for the incentives they want to keep to make it happen.
  • To counteract the quantity of draft proposals by a user, we have introduced rules which limit the number of draft proposals that can be submitted by the user in different phases.
Rules for users creating a proposal draft (Proposal Phase)
  • Each user at is only allowed to submit a proposal draft once every 7 days under the proposal phase. Tweaks in the proposal can still be allowed at the discretion of the PUSH Champions.
Rules for users creating a proposal draft (Snapshot Phase)
  • Each user (or PUSH Delegatee) that has the required votes delegated (75k $PUSH) is only allowed to submit a valid formal proposal on Snapshot once every 7 days.
Note: These rules fall under meta governance and thus can be changed by the voting process as defined above.