Introduction to PUSH Governance

A brief of overview of the Progressive Decentralized Governance of PUSH
The first step toward the Progressive Decentralized Governance was taken on 16th September 2021 with the successful launch of PUSH Governance Phase ZERO.
The initial phases of PUSH Governance allow our community to vote and participate in three ways:
  • Grants Program: allocating grants to teams, projects, and initiatives across the ecosystem that are helping build around the PUSH ecosystem. The grant funds will come from the $PUSH Community Allocation (see below ‘PUSH Allocation’).
  • Weekly Rockstar NFTs: each week (for 52 weeks starting April 19th, 2021), community members who continue to help us on our mission to bring Push notifications to the Web3 are airdropped an NFT along with a bag of $PUSH tokens. Recipients of this NFT are also eligible to join the Rockstars of PUSH protocol Token Gated Channel on our Discord and get access to exclusive content before everyone else. Voting for the recipient is part of the governance process.**
  • Meta-Governance: token holders can pass and vote on measures affecting how the PUSH governance evolves past phase 0.
It must be noted that the current governance participation mechanisms are the initial stages of PUSH governance. However, as the protocol matures, PUSH Governance will further decentralize and include more categories giving the community more power over the protocol.

Governance Roles

There are 4 crucial roles in PUSH governance:
  • PUSH Nominee: Active community members who strongly support the vision of PUSH can nominate themselves to be a PUSH Nominee. $PUSH token holders can then choose to delegate their voting rights to any Push Nominee, who can vote on governance proposals through Snapshot. Nominations are now open — see here.
  • PUSH Delegatee: PUSH Delegatees are active members of the community who have at least 75,000 $PUSH delegated to them. They will be able to create proposals on Snapshot that are approved on the forum. To delegate your voting power to a PUSH Delegatee, to another person, or to yourself please visit
  • PUSH Holders: $PUSH holders can delegate their voting power to anyone, including themselves. They can also delegate it to a PUSH Delegatee to ensure their views and thoughts are well represented. The PUSH Delegatee can be changed at any time**.
  • PUSH Champions: A key part of our decentralization is making sure the community feels empowered. PUSH Champions are active community members that provide support to the PUSH meta governance in various ways. There are 3 categories of PUSH Champions.
a. Community Champions: Web3 leaders who support the visions of PUSH and are willing to educate and empower the community to carry out progressive decentralized governance.
b. Team Champions: PUSH team members who are dedicated to guideNextGovernance Process and assist the community to implement a fair governance procedure.
c. Elected Champions: Elected community members who are trusted with the duty to assist the community to carry out a smooth governance process during each stage of a proposal. More details about the elected champions including selection, election and incentives will be made available soon. Ideally, we will select the first batch by again floating a proposal so that people can join in. We will explore compensation opportunities for these champions.
Note: No rewards or incentives are in place for Community Champions and Team Champions for the time being. Incentives will only be available for Elected Champions of the community.
To learn more about the PUSH Progressive Decentralized Governance, please read our Official blog post.
Alright! Now that we have a good idea of what PUSH Governance is and the roles involved in it, let's dive in to understand the complete Governance procedure and how one can participate.