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This package gives access to Push Protocol backend APIs
All SDK functions require passing the parameter env which should either pass staging or prod based on the demand. Passing anything else in this param might result in unexpected results.


npm install @pushprotocol/restapi@latest ethers
yarn add @pushprotocol/restapi@latest ethers

Import in your file

import * as PushAPI from "@pushprotocol/restapi";

About generating the signer object for different platforms

When using SERVER-SIDE code:
const ethers = require('ethers');
const PK = 'your_channel_address_secret_key';
const Pkey = `0x${PK}`;
const signer = new ethers.Wallet(Pkey);
When using in FRONT-END code:
// any other web3 ui lib is also acceptable
import { useWeb3React } from "@web3-react/core";
const { account, library, chainId } = useWeb3React();
const signer = library.getSigner(account);
Note on Addresses:
PUSH SDK uses CAIP-10 format but defaults to Ethereum address format.
CAIP-10 format is a way to identify multichain addresses. Any blockchain address becomesnamespace + “:” + chain_id + “:” + account_address
For both Ethereum and Polygon, the namespace is eip155 and the chain_id is 1 and 5 respectively:
  • Polygon mainnet:
  • Ethereum mainnet:
For Goerli and Mumbai testnets, the namespace is eip155 and the chain_id is 5 and 80001 respectively:
  • Goerli testnet:
  • Mumbai testnet:
In any of the restapi methods (unless explicitly stated otherwise) we accept either -
  • CAIP format: for any on-chain addresses We strongly recommend using this address format. (Example : eip155:1:0xab16a96d359ec26a11e2c2b3d8f8b8942d5bfcdb)
  • ETH address format: only for backwards compatibility. (Example: 0xab16a96d359ec26a11e2c2b3d8f8b8942d5bfcdb)


The @pushprotocol/restapi package provides us with the following features:


  • Get user notifications and spam notifications
  • Get channel information
  • Opt-in and opt-out to a channel
  • Send notifications


  • Send messages to a wallet address
  • Get messages
  • Create user encryption keys
  • Create group chat
Here below, you can find more information on the features described: