Receiving Notifications

This section describes how Notifications can be received from the Push Communication Protocol
Integrating receiving notifications is a critical component as it enables your users to have the best experience and improve massively on web3 UX. However, it is not required as Push is an open network and already have integrations. If you want to just test out sent notifications then head to Testing Sent Notifications
This section is relevant for dApps / Wallets / Extensions / Web 2.5 Bots (Like Discord, Telegram, Twitter, etc) that want to integrate receiving notifications on their platform.
As a developer, you might want to integrate these notifications into your own platforms such as your dApp, Mobile App, Wallet Extension or Web 2.5 platforms like creating a Telegram, Twitter, Email, Discord bots, etc.

Best for Frontend Integration

Best for Wallets / Extensions / Web 2.5