Enabling Channel on other Chains

This guide helps you understand the term, Channel Alias and its significance
The protocol is designed to enable your channel to send notifications on multiple chains, instead of only Ethereum.
However, to enable a channel for sending notifications on chains other than Ethereum, the concept of channel alias plays a major role.
Check out this section to get an introduction to channel alias

How to set up Channel Alias?

Now that we understand channel alias, it's time to understand how one set up their channel alias address for any other chain.
In order to set up a channel alias address for any preferred chain, one has to go through 2 simple steps:
  1. 1.
    Selecting the chain and providing the right alias address for the channel during channel creation itself.
  2. 2.
    Verification of the alias Address on the selected chain.
While the first step is quite simple and happens right at the time of channel creation itself, let's try to understand how the alias verification procedure is completed to adequately set up a channel's alias, using a quick example of the Polygon chain.